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Modern Staircases

Now with over 400 modern staircases to choose from, The Wooden Hill Company offers Europe's largest modern staircase range. With prices starting from below £600 and going up to £60,000+ we have the staircase solution for you. Choose from our Kit and Modular Modern Staircase range which provides innovative, cost effective ideas, or for more ambitious projects our Bespoke Modern Staircase service enables all solutions with a greater range of materials. For something extra special please visit our Grand Design Staircase area which contains some of the most beautiful modern staircases available in the World!
If you are not sure where to start, try our 
Staircase Selection Wizard to find your modern staircase by style (spiral, straight etc.), material (glass, metal, wood etc) or you can shortlist by budget or select only a modern staircase from a specific manufacturer.
We offer a range of
Support Services to take you from conception to completion with a nationwide modern staircase supply and installation services.

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